The fitness app that builds within 48 hours!


The Challenge

Fitness (People) + Freelancer (Company) = Fitlancer!

Fitlancer was a Hackathon Project of, while most project target to impact revenue, we strive for everyone life! We've made a whole fitness dashboard product from branding to backend that hook up with API within 48 hours! 


How do we get started?

We already have countless of monitor around the office and that gave a clue where Fitlancer will be displayed. We know that Freelancer is the data-driven company and a dashboard lover, so we build the branding around that matter.


How do we work fast?

We only got 7 people on our team (which all nerd) and only 1 designer who tries to survive from a thunderstorm of things to be done within 48 hours. So we simply get started by sat down together and sketch out the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and this makes easy for us to define a branding and design foundation.


Modular is our best friend!

We have interviewed our Personal Trainer (Yes! is that cool) and got lots of insight information that we can plot into a modular. We've made a whole product fluid on any screen/devices and transparency to everyone in the office.


Care about privacy

Of course, its transparency and easy for everyone to access the dashboard and inspire each other to stay firm but we also consider that most of the information might be sensitive (especially for the lady). 


How Fitlancer Work?

Fitlancer is very simple but effective, we got everyone profile from Pingboard API and hook up the Gmail, which this means we acquire everyone in our company to kick start with Fitlancer Dashboards!


What else we offer?

And this early version we offering Dashboard, Leaderboard, Calendar, and Notifications.

Things we've learned so far

More you give is more you earn.  Fitlancer was created with love for other people health and we believe that people can feel the love! We won't the second prize for this hackathon! Plus we've learned this:

  • Not all the colors work on the TV monitor
  • Some typo might not sexy on a TV screen too
  • Software is the vehicle
  • To achieve the goals, human must drive it
  • Make 'em laugh but not squirm
  • Plan the output first
  • There is no real multi-tasking
  • API is not a rocket science, it data science
  • Mind-blowing idea came from ordinary life 
  • The best way to go gym is go gym

Credit & Special Thanks.

Product Manager: Andrias Taniwan
Front-End Lead: Kevin To

Data Science + API , Back-End and Our Personal Trainer!